Leg Workouts & Exercises: Sculpt Your Legs

Have you ever wondered why people always say not to skip leg day at the gym? Well, the answer is because your legs need some exercise, too, even if you are on your feet a lot. Having a variety of leg exercises included in your routine helps you gain overall leg mass and strength.


At the gym, trainers offer and teach different leg workout techniques to their students. With proper guidance, form, and commitment, you’ll see results. For beginners, here are some exercises you’ll learn from your trainer.

1. Barbell Squat


As the name suggests, you have to do a squat while lifting the barbell. The weight depends on your body mass index and your trainer’s. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Start by supporting the barbel on top of your traps.
  2. Check your head and make sure you are facing forward. Your stance should be hip-width.
  3. Flex your knees as you descend. Keep your knees in check by making sure it travels forward.
  4. Go all the way down. Your weight must be on your front heel.
  5. Then reverse the motion as you go up.

2. Leg Press

This is where you use a leg press machine for your leg press exercise. Ensure safety in the process by working out with a gym instructor or trainer to help you re-rack weight or keep your form in check.

3. Lying Leg Curls

Lie down face down on the machine. The pads should be on the lever. Lay your torso flat and stretch your legs. For stability, hold onto the handle of the machine. Exhale, then curl your legs upward. Make sure not to lift the pads when you raise your upper thighs. Inhale, then go back to the first position.


These are just some of the leg workouts that you can work on to get the legs you want. Start now by enrolling at the gym and learn from the experts!

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